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Privacy and Terms of Use

All the content available on is for information purposes only and is NOT to be construed as financial advice.

We’ve created this new site to be more informative, intuitive and to make the services on offer from MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd more accessible than ever.

Here you can find our website Terms of Use and Policies to make sure you’re well informed about whats going on.

Privacy Policy

All of the content on is owned by MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd, including any information submitted by users via contact forms. Anything else collected via analytics cookies is solely for marketing purposes (making sure we are doing our job right!).

Information collected via contact forms may be used by MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd to contact you for marketing purposes on financial services products and services.

We do not currently share this information with third parties, however it may be that we offer the services of another firm with your consent should the need arise.

By submitting your data into a contact form, you agree that you are voluntarily opting-in to contact regarding financial services products.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are little text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive. Harmless, they are like a little record on your computer browser of the sites you’ve visited.

They are generally a good thing – we use them to help our website interact with your computer faster, giving you a better and more personalised experience, even offering to store your login details for the client area if you so wish.

Don’t worry, cookies can’t look into your computer and steal your data – that’s not what they’re about, and they don’t store any personal or sensitive information about you.

If you disable your cookies, you might find the website doesn’t work as well, and you may struggle to log-in to the client area or fill in contact forms.

Google Analytics

This website (and in fact MOST professionally run websites for businesses) uses Google Analytics to anonymously track user experience of the website in order to make sure we are doing all we can to make the new MacFarlaine Brooks website easy to find and use.

It only tracks basic information, such as what city you are in, what sort of computer or browser you are using and how long you spent on the site, and it doesn’t let us know who you are – just that “somebody visited and read this article” – that kind of thing.

Your data and The Law

While MacFarlaine and Brooks hold’s your data in a secure manner, there are certain situations where we may be forced to provide information to the authorities by law, and must comply, such as with court proceedings, judicial requests etc.

All materials and content owned by MacFarlaine and Brooks on this website is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws, and is made publicly available for personal use only, unless otherwise stated.

All efforts are made to ensure the information presented on this website is correct, relevant and up to date, however inaccuracies may exist. Website users act and rely on the information provided at their own risk, none of which is to be construed as financial advice.

Internal and External Links

Throughout the website you may come across various “hyperlinks” – buttons or text that when clicked, may direct your browser to a different URL.

Most of these links will direct you to web pages and blogs still on the domain (internal links).

Some links may direct your browser to an external location, such as an online article or another business relevant to the link you clicked on. These links have been selected because we feel they provide supplementary information or valued serviced, however we have no control over your online safety outside of our own domains, and so following external links is done so at the users own personal risk.

Business Transactions

MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd offers numerous services in the financial sector. By using you are NOT obligated to enter into business transactions with the firm unless otherwise stated.

Nor are you obligated to enter a contract solely after requesting contact either through our inquiry forms or by calling our office. If our advisers suggest a business contract you will be informed of the terms, conditions and any applicable fees for this contract beforehand.

Business Rights

MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd reserves the right to make changes and amend our terms of use and privacy policy at any time.

If you are a client of MacFarlaine and Brooks (determined by those who have conducted business with the firm) you will likely be informed of these changes in writing or via email.

Details of FREE Pension Comparison Service

The assessment of your current pension arrangements and the subsequent comparison report and professional recommendations from MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd are FREE of Charge.

Should you wish to act upon the advice and take up business with MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA ltd based on their recommendations and assessment of your pension, you will be charged for this service, however these charges will be discussed with you beforehand allowing you to make an informed decision, with the fee’s factored in.

Defining and identifying financial advice

The content provided on this website is for information purposes only and is NOT to be in any way construed as financial advice.

Should you wish to receive financial advice on one or many aspects of financial services products, you can contact MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd via the contact forms on this website to discuss your requirements.