Wills & Estate Management

Thinking about later life and what happens afterwards has a way of making people feel uncomfortable.

But as experienced family advisers, we know that there is often a special peace-of-mind that can be brought about by putting the right wills and estate planning measures in place to protect those you love after your passing.

Holistic Options

We wouldn’t be giving ‘Advice For Life’ if we didn’t look after your interests until the end. We like to give holistic advice where possible, that looks at all aspects of your finances to ensure all plans are working together in harmony, even after you’ve gone.


Many pensions come with Death Benefits – standing orders that say what happens to your pension pot if you should pass before it is all spent up. We can help you draw up plans for that situation, ensuring those you want to benefit are first in line.

Will Making

While will-making is not a regulated activity, our financial advisers consider it an essential part of every person’s life-plan; the very last say on what happens to their assets and wealth, and how they might benefit those they love.

*Note: Wills and estate planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Let’s work together

We're keen to make sure you're happy with the way your assets will be distributed in the event of your passing, and we'd like to work with you to put those plans in place.

* Your Home * Bank Accounts * National Savings Investments * Life Assurance * Pensions * Stocks & Shares * Unit Trusts * Precious Items *

Our Wills & Estate Planning

We know that discussing and making plans for the end of our lives can make people feel uncomfortable, and it’s easily pushed to the back of our minds.
But we also know the peace of mind that can be created by putting those plans in place, and aim to make it as comfortable a process as possible.