Financial Advice For Businesses

It’s not just individuals that can benefit from independent financial advice, but businesses can often grow in leaps and bounds with the right corporate financial advice.

From Key-Person Insurance, to making smart investments with your capital, you can get the help you need for your business with MacFarlaine & Brooks IFA Ltd.

Investments For Businesses

Money your business generates doesn’t have to stop working for you. We can help you discover how much you can more safely invest, and then help you make it happen.

Company Pensions Advice

Pensions and benefits can make a big difference to your employees and to your business. We can help you manage them in a way that’s affordable and helps deliver the best.

Company Insurance Advice

A business is an asset, to you and your employees, and deserves the right protection. We can help you do that, from Key Person Insurance, to Professional Indemnity insurance and more.

Your friend in finance

That's who we're here to be. We work best with businesses when we treat the advice we give as if it were a partnership, looking after your best interests to help your business succeed.

Our Business Promise

Running a business comes with big responsibilities, so it follows that advising that business on what to do with its finances is a big responsibility too.
It’s one that we take seriously, and promise only to advise you on moves we feel are in your best interest, to protect and grow your business in a volatile marketplace.

The FCA does not regulate Workplace Pension Arrangements.