We strive to provide the best financial services and products in the world’s market.

Despite often overwhelming reasons not to do so, many still see their financial journey ending when they draw their pension and enter retirement.

But with a little extra foresight, you could help your loved ones benefit after you’re gone with the right Wills and Estate planning advice.

MacFarlaine and Brooks strives to provide Advice For Life, and by very definition, this shouldn’t stop at your pension, it should be for the whole journey of life…


Mortality is a sensitive subject to discuss, but inevitable if you want to make the best and most secure arrangements for those you wish to benefit from your estate after you’re gone.

With an estimated 51m adults in the UK currently carrying on without a will, we’d like to stress that you don’t have to wait until you are old to begin making plans to nominate beneficiaries for your death benefits.

Indeed, starting early may be the best way forward, helping to protect your assets against the unexpected – what would happen to your pension, home, mortgage and possessions if you were to meet with an accident now?

NOTE: Wills are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


If you have a personal pension, or even an occupational or frozen pension, its often a good idea to keep track of what death benefits come with your current plan.

Death Benefits dictate what happens to the pension you’ve saved into should you pass away before drawing it all, and if you want to be sure you’re family are the ones who benefit, well, that’s all part of Wills and Estate Management, too.

Note: Pensions are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Our Wills and Estate Management advice centres around one thing – you!

But not just you and your will, but if you like, all of your financial assets, ensuring that your financial plans all work in harmony with each other, in a way that suits you.

Where possible, MacFarlaine and Brooks liked to offer its clients a holistic approach to finance, offering a full range of financial products to look after every aspect of your finances, getting rid of the need to keep jumping from adviser to adviser – you can get everything you should need here.

Note: Wills and some Estate Planning products are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Wills and Estate planning clients gain one crucial benefit from our services: peace of mind when it comes to the end of their journey.

You can explore your own Wills and Estate options with us easily – just get in touch.

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