All investments involve an element of risk – Our advice can help you navigate it.

Making smart investments doesn’t have to be the jargon-stuffed minefield many people assume it is.

Nor is it exclusively something for the rich elite either, with investments that are tailored to your goals, with comfortable exposure to risk suitable for your circumstances, whatever the amount.

Here we discuss a little bit about MacFarlaine and Brook’s unique approach to investment advice.


From our wealth of experience in market investing, we learned long ago that the best investments for an indivudual aren’t always the ones that seem to promise the best returns.

No, the best investments are the ones that are SUITABLE for that investor, taking into account their financial goals, their income, their attitude to risk and their capacity for loss.

Only once all of these factors (and more!) are taken into consideration would MacFarlaine and Brooks advise for or against investing in a particular scheme or investment portfolio.

It’s this careful and considered approach to investment advice that has meant our clients have the best chance of achieving their financial goals in a way that’s manageable, and individual to them and their circumstances – exactly how advice should be – tailored to the individual.


It’s not just our bespoke and carefully considered approach to investment advice that our clients benefit from, it’s our market insights too.

MacFarlaine and Brooks is a full market IFA, and not only do we have access to investment options across the board, but through years of hard work we understand how they operate too.

This means that when you come to M&B for investment advice, you not only get a wider range of options to suit your financial goals, but you get the insights and up to the minute information to help you make a more informed decision about your new investment portfolio.


When we say MacFarlaine and Brooks gives Advice For Life, we mean it both senses of the term – for your life, and FOR life.

Whatever stage your finances are in, and whatever point of life you feel you are at, we can provide bespoke investment advice to get the most out of what you already have, and help it grow into something to help you live the life you want.

Whether you are making your first tentative steps into the world of investing, or need help managing an existing wealth portfolio, our approach is the same:

We get to know you, we get to know your goals, and we find you the right path to achieve them, even if that means carving a new one out, just for you.

Our investment advisers are available for consultation 5 days a week.

We aim to make investing as safe and simple as possible for our clients, and getting in touch is just as easy…

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