Financial Services from MacFarlaine and Brooks

MacFarlaine and Brooks advisers have spent years in the financial services industry before deciding to do things their own way.

While all of our services are available individually to all our clients on an ad hoc basis, we know from experience that those who benefit from a financial adviser the most take advantage of the full range of services on offer.

This is known as a “holistic” approach, meaning that it takes care of the “whole”, ensuring all parts of your financial plan work in harmony with each other toward your goals and visions for the future.

Choose the service that you feel you could benefit from the most

Investment Advice

Great investment advice takes into account your goals, affordability and attitude to risk before presenting you with the most suitable options

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Pensions and Retirement advice

Your pension will form your income in retirement. Make the most of it now by ensuring it’s in the most suitable funds, with low charges and...

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Mortgage Planning Advice

Your home is likley to be your largest asset and your biggest expense. Our mortgage planning services find you the best short and long term...

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Savings Advice

Our savings advice services can help you make the most of what you already have, or help you save more affordably for a more comfortable future

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Insurance and Protection Advice

Protecting your financial assets can be just as important as creating them for some individuals. We can find the best ways to secure your...

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Wills and Estate Planning

Taking control of your finances with great wills and estate planning can help ensure your loved ones benefit as an end result, looking after your...

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