Free pension comparison service

What is a Free Pension Comparison?

A pension comparison is a fantastic way to work out whether your pension is in the best place for you.

With MacFarlaine and Brooks, we love nothing better than ensuring that our clients are in the best pension for them, with the lowest charges, and the best performing funds.

Our pension comparison service allows anybody with a pension to check they are getting the best and most suitable deal for their situation, maximising the amount in their retirement pot without them paying another penny in – unless you want to of course!

Like the best things in life, our pension comparison service is FREE, and if it turns out you aren’t in the best pension for you, our expert pension advisers will help determine a suitable alternative that could give you more for retirement. We only ask you for a fee if you decide to move if from where it was, fully informed of the facts and why the move makes sense.

How does a Pension Comparison work?

From your side of things, a MacFarlaine Brooks pension review is simple:

  1. Have a chat with one our advisers – they’ll begin collecting the basic outline of your current pension, including the charges, rates of return and whether it suits your current and planned lifestyle, now and in retirement.
  2. We’ll send you a Letter of Authority – just read, sign and return – this allows us to contact your current pension provider to collect more specific details relating to your pension.
  3. Once that’s back, we’ll assess everything so we know our target to beat.
    We’ll then scour the WHOLE market to see if you can do better for your retirement pot by lowering charges and looking at fund performance.
  4. We’ll then tell you what we find, explaining how your current pension and anything we find that looks better works. If you still want to leave your pension where it is, that’s fine – no charge! But if you prefer our suggestions to your current plan, we can talk about making it happen, and what fees could be involved.

It’s as easy as that!

Why should I review my pension?

Why not?! For one thing, with MacFarlaine and Brooks a pension review is free, and will let you know for sure if you’re pension is in the right spot.

If you’ve left your pension where it is, have them spread out over several different pension plans, have them frozen or simply haven’t looked at it in a while, it could be that you’re missing out on some of the great pension options and investments today’s market offers.

Things can change quickly in the world of finance, and leaving your pension in the same place without ever checking and comparing it’s performance is like leaving your car or home insurance where it is, year on year, without ever making the most of online comparison sites.

Top Reasons to Review Your Pension Plan

Performance: Wherever your pension is, it’s invested in something. But markets change all the time – is your pension invested in the right place?

Charges: Not all pension providers are equal when it comes to charges. Are your pension returns being swallowed up by expensive charges?

Choices: The rules on pensions changed in 2015, giving pension savers more opportunities than ever. Have considered the new options yet?

Brexit: Since the Brexit vote in 2016, a number of blue-chip companies have fallen in value. Now could be a great chance to make a wise pension investment.

1. Get In Touch

2. Provide Details

3. Compare Pensions

4. Receive Results!

You and your pension

Never forget: Your pension or pensions are the tool you’ll use in retirement to build and maintain the life you wish to lead.

You’ve earned it, and you want it to do well for you in retirement, and keep it safe until it’s ready.

As a regulated Independent Financial Advisers specialising in the pension market, MacFarlaine and Brooks advisers take their responsibility very seriously – thats why we ask so many questions to make sure we understand what you want to get out of your pension and whats affordable before making any recommendations, if any – it could be that your pension is in just the right place for you already!

But without comparing your pension with what’s available on the market, how would you know whether you’re getting a good deal or not?

That’s why our pension comparison service is free-of-charge. We only put charges on actually moving pension if you decide thats what you want to do, with clear and transparent figures discussed beforehand.

So – ready to start?

Ready to start?

Don’t forget, a pension comparison is FREE


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