Financial Advice for Retirees

Many feel that their financial journey ends when they start drawing their pension in retirement.

In actuality, getting the right financial advice in retirement can be hugely beneficial to you and the ones you love, helping you manage and make the most of your wealth, reducing debts and insuring your self for a long and happy retirement.

MacFarlaine and Brooks can not only help you plan for retirement, but help you make the most of it if you’ve already left the world of work behind, not to mention help you make provisions for your beneficiaries for after you’re gone.

We provide Advice for Life, and we mean in. All of it.

Holistic Retirement Planning

Whatever you’re at with your retirement, whether that be at a planning stage or already retired, we can help you make the most of your hard-earned golden years.

Should you be suitable for such a program, we’d love to explore the options we can provide for you in the way of holistic retirement planning.

A holistic approach to financial advice means we take every aspect of your financial circumstances into consideration – not just your pension, mortgage, net-wealth and other income into account, but everything as a whole, ensuring it all works in harmony towards your retirement goals.

We find that retirees that are able to take advantage of ALL our services, all under one roof, often benefit from lower charges overall, and a more focused financial plan with a better change of achieving their goals for retirement.

Pensions and Annuities

Just because you’re now drawing your personal, occupational or state pension, doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to make the most of your retirement income.

Many people need to comfortably plan for two to three decades of retirement, and making some great investment choices, suitable to your approach to risk can allow you to reap further benefits down the line.

Since April 2015, many of the rules changed regarding how you can draw your pension, whether as an annuity (a little bit each year) or as lump sums from the age of 55.

These options (while great for some) have caused confusion for others, and MacFarlaine and Brooks can help assess your needs and suitability for each option, helping you make an informed decision about what to do with your pension to give you the best options in retirement.

Planning for Beneficiaries

We don’t mean to be blunt, but we do like to be straight forward:

At some point, everybody’s life comes to pass, and without the right Death Benefits planning, it can sometimes leave a bit of an expensive mess for those you love.

Having the right Wills and Estate Planning in place can help skirt around many of these issues, leaving clear instructions for your lawyer or Executor as to what to do with your assets and wealth, including your pension should you pass on before it has been exhausted.

After all, you worked for these assets, isn’t it right that you should choose who they go to after you’re gone, and that it should happen in the most cost-effective way?

We can help you get everything in order.

NOTE: Some funeral and estate planning solutions are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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