Advice for retiring

It’s only natural to start thinking (or even longing) for retirement as you get older, and getting the right advice early on can allow to reap the benefits of excellent financial planning as you near the big day.

Of course, your pension is likely to be key to your retirement, as well as the way your mortgage operates.

As a Full-Service IFA, MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd’s specialisms in investments and pensions make us the ideal partner to help you plan out your retirement income, manage your assets and get everything ready for the type of retirement you’ve worked hard to earn.

We make getting the most out of your assets in retirement a simple affair – read on to find out how.

Making the most of your pension

Your pension is the tool you’ll use to build your life in retirement, and therefore the more thought you put into it early on, the greater the potential rewards to your quality of life later on.

MacFarlaine and Brooks specialise in Pensions and Investments, and have access to the full range of pension schemes and investment opportunities available on the market, as well as the skills to access their merits and their suitability for you.

Whether you’re simply looking to transfer your pension to make the most of lower charges, better performing funds or update your benefits, we can help you create a bespoke pension plan that suits your needs as well as your means, ensuring you don’t sacrifice too much of today for tomorrow, nor vice-versa.

With the full range of household names available for review, and the knowledge and experience to make them work for you, MacFarlaine and Brooks offer the complete pension service, featuring our own special, carefully considered approach to personal finance.

Your FREE Pension Comparison*

This is how we get the best deals for you. Your pension comparison from MacFarlaine and Brooks is FREE of charge, and helps us access not only your current pension situation and its performance, but takes into consideration your goals for retirement before suggesting other arrangements that may help your pension perform better.

That being said, if you believe your pension can’t be beaten, we’ll put that theory to the test, even confirming it for you by comparing your pension with everything else in the market.

If it turns out your pension is in the best place for you, then we’ll tell you just that! Your Free Pension Comparison comes with no obligation to move your pension – if you don’t see the logic in altering your pension arrangements based on our advice, then you don’t have to, and there’s still no charge for that!

A Free Pension Comparison is just that – FREE!*

Should you like what our advisers come up with, then we can talk about making it happen, for which we would charge an advice fee for, but this would be discussed with you beforehand, allowing you to factor it in to your final decision.

This means that EVERYONE can gain benefits from our pension review, either by illuminating new opportunities to increase your retirement fund, or by simply confirming that your pension is the best place.

Clear, Honest and Transparent – Advice for Life

While often crucial, your pension isn’t the only thing you need to factor in to a good retirement plan.

MacFarlaine and Brooks is a full-service Independent Financial Adviser, and can help you ensure that your plans for retirement fit in nicely with the rest of your financial plans, such as your mortgage, savings, insurance and investment plans.

This is called Holistic Financial Planning, where we treat your whole financial plan as one, ensuring everything works together in harmony towards your goals.

Our advice is always designed to be in your best interests – clear, honest and transparent, as well as available for life, making for a more comprehensive financial plan.

That being said, if you just want your pension reviewed, well we can just do that, too – but we might not be acting in your best interests if we didn’t let you know you can benefit from everything under one roof for potentially lower fees and greater reward.

*Your pension comparison and subsequent report is FREE with MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd. Should you wish to take the advice of MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd and make a pension transfer based on our suggestions, a fee will be applicable and discussed with you beforehand.

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