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Advice for Mature Families

While defining exactly when your family becomes “Mature” is naturally subjective, but generally what we mean is, when your children have begun grow up, perhaps flown the nest, and when you are considering the prospects of consolidating and developing your wealth and assets, ready for whatever life brings.

Getting financial advice for mature families is simple here at MacFarlaine and Brooks. It’s often a great time to look over your mortgage, pensions and consider an investment portfolio (or reviewing your existing one) to make the most of any capital you’re now freeing up by the changes taking place in your family life.

Our advisers bring a wealth of experience to the table, and can help you reassess what you already have before presenting you with suitable options to make the most of it and grow your assets before you reach retirement.

Assessing Your Financial Circumstances

At MacFarlaine and Brooks, we’re keen believers that the key to great financial advice is a thorough understanding our client’s situation, circumstances and goals for the future.

This is our starting point, and naturally it’s quite rigorous, but there’s no need to be daunted!

By accessing your situation as thoroughly as we do, we gain a much deeper understanding of where your finances are, which helps inform the proposals we can set out for you in order to keep your goals.

It’s fair to say that you’d wouldn’t be likely to buy a house without understanding as much about it as possible to make sure it’s right for you, and the same goes when taking out or investing in financial products – the more information – the more informed the decision will be!

Not only do we take the time to understand your financial position, but we take the time to ensure that you do too, clearing up any grey areas so you can make an informed choice with full confidence.

Providing the Right Financial Advice

It’s important to remember that the right advice for one mature family, might be the wrong advice for another.

Advice isn’t just about maximising profits on your savings, investments and pensions at any cost.

Instead, its about managing risk and affordability, and ensuring that the client get’s the advice that is in their best interests to follow.

We take our obligations to our clients seriously, and will never advise you do invest, save, sell or transfer unless we feel that there are not better and more suitable options available.

It’s why we take as much time to get to know you as we do, to ensure that our advice matches your goals realistically, affordably and suitably.

In short – advice you can trust!

Mortgages, Protection, Pensions and Investments

It will come as no surprise, but when it comes to personal and family finance, these are the Big Four, and if your family has now matured, it could be a great time to revisit all of them.

While it’s possible to go to four or more different advisers and service providers to get the advice you may need for all these products, by coming to MacFarlaine and Brooks we can help create a bespoke financial plan that allows your mortgage, protection, pensions and investments to work in harmony with each other.

We call his Holistic Financial Advice – a term you may have heard floating around from some of the smarter advisers in the industry.

It means that your advice gets treated AS A WHOLE, not as individual segments.

Not only does this generally make things easier to manage and review regularly to ensure everything is on track, but it tends to make for a more harmonious direction for your finances as you head towards your long-term goals, whether that’s early retirement, a new home, or further education for your children.


For some mature families, the time could be just right to consider a remortgaging option!

With the kids ready to fly the nest, or perhaps already on their way, it could be a good time to free up some of the equity in your home, or even move home in order to create more disposable income.

MacFarlaine and Brooks is a full service IFA with access to the entire market, allowing us to find the perfect mortgage deal as your family reaches maturity.

Pension Planning

There’s seldom a bad time to start saving for a pension, or to re-evaluate the ones you already have in an ever changing market.

At this point in life, it’s not uncommon to have a few frozen pensions, spread out from previous employments that could often benefit from being consolidated into one, well-managed pot to make the most of the time left before retirement.

At M&B, pensions are our specialty, just get in contact to start a FREE pension comparison* across the whole market.

*Your initial pension comparison is free of charge. Should you wish to take on the advice of MacFarlaine and Brooks resulting in a Pension transfer, fees will be applicable and will be discussed with you beforehand allowing you to make an informed decision.

Income, Life and Critical Illness Protection

As your family reaches maturity along with some of your financial ventures, it could be a good time to review the way you keep them protected.

Generally speaking, most would like to take smaller risks as they grow older and consolidate what they’ve earned and saved, and MacFarlaine Brooks can help you find best ways to protect your loved ones from critical illnesses, a loss of income and find the right life cover to protect against the unpredictability of life.

Life Cover – Pays out in one lump-sum should the worst happen to you
Critical Illness Cover – Should you fall ill from something like Cancer, Critical Illness cover can be there to protect your families income and support you.
Income Protection Insurance – Similar to Life Cover, IP insurance pays out if you are unable to work either through accident, sickness or unemployment as a tax-free monthly sum, sometimes up to 70% of your previous income.
Family Income Benefit – FIB runs for a set time, chosen by you, and pays out a tax-free monthly sum after your death to help protect your family.

Funeral and Estate Planning

Funeral and Estate planning can be a funny one: While we often find many of our clients feel a little nervous about discussing this sadly inevitable aspect of life, we also find that they often feel much better after they have!

Getting your funeral and estate in order at this point in life can be hugely beneficial to those you love and sadly have to leave behind, and for many, that’s a huge weight off their mind!

NOTE: Some funeral and estate planning solutions are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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