Suitability first...

If you’ve never taken financial advice before (or even if you have!), you might be surprised by the amount of questions we ask and how well the team at MacFarlaine and Brooks gets to know you…

There’s good reason for this!

By learning more about you, your income, lifestyle and goals, it makes giving you suitable advice for your situation a more accurate process.

We don’t like to ‘rubber-stamp’ or pigeon-hole our clients into investments, pensions and mortgages for ease of business – that’s a quick route to disaster for all involved.

Instead, you’ll find that we’ll get to know you better than most, and you’ll get to know us too! We find this makes for the most satisfactory¬†advice, more suitable for your needs.

Your goals next...

Next come your goals – what are you trying to raise funds for? This differs from each unique individual to the next, and part of the reason we spend so much time getting to know you!

Few people save money or invest it with nothing in particular in mind, and that can be a good thing! We’ll take your goals into consideration before we recommend the right financial products to help you achieve them, in a way that’s always in your best interests, ensuring you aren’t being exposed to more risk than you are comfortable with.

So whether it’s your first home, a new car, a wedding or your retirement you want to save for, we’ll aim to find something that fits those goals and helps you achieve them.