Who are MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd?

MacFarlaine and Brooks is a Bolton-based IFA, operating in most spheres of personal financial advice.

What that means is, we’re a regulated Financial Advice firm that offers advice on anything from your mortgage and pension, to individual savings accounts and investment schemes, offering our clients a fuller picture of what a properly thought-through and carefully considered financial plan can do for them.

A family run business with a combined staff experience of 32 years and counting in financial services, we deliver what we feel is the premier IFA service to our clients, whether they are local to Bolton or come from further afield.

Regulated to provide Financial Advice

It is recommended that your should always seek independent financial advice before embarking on the next stage of your financial journey.

When you hear this phrase (common across the Financial Services industry), it generally means regulated by the FCA – The Financial Conduct Authority.

The FCA replaced the FSA (Financial Services Authority) a few years ago, and is the watch-dog for the financial services industry, setting the rules for how financial advice is provided and how products are administrated in order to protect the consumer (you!) and to work towards a clear, honest and transparent industry.

We take our obligations regarding due-diligence and suitability seriously, not just because it’s ‘the rules’ and breaking them can sometimes mean losing our authorization, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We promise to only ever offer advice that is in your best interests, even if we have to go that extra mile to no avail. In the perhaps unlikely event that your current arrangements are already perfect and can’t be beaten – at least then you’ll know to stick with what you’ve got for a while and not be tempted by another IFA that might not have your best interests at heart.