MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd - Bolton

MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA ltd is a family run financial advice firm based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, with a combined experience of over 32 years in financial services, offering our clients bespoke financial advice.

What makes us different?

Unlike many larger financial advice firms, Macfarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd centres our business model around our clients, not our sales targets.

Where possible, we like to provide our services personally and face-to-face in order to really understand your needs as an individual, assess your options and ensure that the advice you receive from MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd has your best interests at heart.

Our Advice

Our team bring a wealth of investment, pensions, savings and mortgage knowledge to our services, ensuring our clients are well looked after…

Getting the numbers right

Working in financial services means dealing with a lot of numbers…

PROMISE: We'll never treat you like one of those numbers.

A huge part of our success is dependent on the unique relationship with our clients, seeing many of them through from the beginning to the end of their financial journey as people, not statistics.

PROMISE: We aim to do right by you, from start to finish

Our motto is ‘Advice for Life’, and we mean that for every client who wants it. Whatever stage of life you’re in, we have professional services to see you through to the next, and we’ll call our on-going clients from time to time to review your current situation to help you find more ways to get the most of the money you earn, and the money you save

Some advisers are product focused, not suitability focused…

PROMISE: Our advice will always take as many aspects of your suitability and goals into consideration as possible

MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA Ltd takes its obligations to the FCA’s “know your customer” rules seriously.

We will always aim to give you the most suitable advice, in your best interests.

We’re here to look after our clients, not the other way around.

Take that first step...

We love meeting new people and then finding the best way to help with their finances - just choose the one that you're most interested in for now!

Investment Advice

Great investment advice takes into account your goals, affordability and attitude to risk before presenting you with the most suitable options

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Pensions and Retirement advice

Your pension will form your income in retirement. Make the most of it now by ensuring it’s in the most suitable funds, with low charges and...

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Mortgage Planning Advice

Your home is likley to be your largest asset and your biggest expense. Our mortgage planning services find you the best short and long term...

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Savings Advice

Our savings advice services can help you make the most of what you already have, or help you save more affordably for a more comfortable future

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