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Investment Advice

Great investment advice takes into account your goals, affordability and attitude to risk before presenting you with the most suitable options

Pensions and Retirement advice

Your pension will form your income in retirement. Make the most of it now by ensuring it’s in the most suitable funds, with low charges and...

Mortgage Planning Advice

Your home is likley to be your largest asset and your biggest expense. Our mortgage planning services find you the best short and long term...

Savings Advice

Our savings advice services can help you make the most of what you already have, or help you save more affordably for a more comfortable future

Insurance and Protection Advice

Protecting your financial assets can be just as important as creating them for some individuals. We can find the best ways to secure your...

Wills and Estate Planning

Taking control of your finances with great wills and estate planning can help ensure your loved ones benefit as an end result, looking after your...


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Young Investors

Get ahead with advice for young savers and investors

Younger Familes

Get financial advice in Bolton for young families

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Financial Services In Focus

MacFarlaine and Brooks is a full-service IFA, but there are some services that we’re particularly proud of, and our clients love…
Holistic Financial Planning
Holistic means “the whole”, and our holistic financial planning means just that – we work to ensure all your financial plans work in harmony with each other for a more profitable outcome
Pensions & Retirement Planning
Pensions tend to perform much better when they are reviewed and managed regularly by experts. We can help you make the best of what you’ve got and help plan for a great retirement
Investment and Wealth Management
MacFarlaine and Brooks lives and breathes our client’s investments, ensuring they are placed strategically, suitably and with great care to maximise your potential returns and help you reach your financial goals
Mirror You

Meet the crucial centre-point of our operation…

MacFarlaine and Brooks is committed to one single cause: providing our client’s with advice on the best and most profitable financial solutions, suitable for their needs to put their financial goals within their reach.

To do this, we get to know you (and you get to know us) inside out, ensuring that we always work towards a target set by you and in a way that’s comfortable, affordable and in your best interests.

We look forward to knowing you already!

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Client Testimonials

You don't have to take our word for our services, many of our clients are happy to vouch for us

"It was flexible, they made time around me, not the other way around. They answered my questions and were honest."

Michael O'BrienMortgage Client

"It was very easy and friendly service. You got me a better deal, and it was a hand-holding situation. Luke even helped me out while he was on Holiday!"

Sophie CouplandMortgage Client

"I tried repeatedly to get a mortgage through traditional methods without success. I contacted Macfarlaine and Brooks and got a firm offer within about a week. "

Martin RowleyMortgage Client

Advice For Life

MacFarlaine and Brooks IFA likes to live by the words “Advice For Life”, meaning that our services are both available at any stage of life, and that we take a life-centered approach to financial advice – aimed at achieved your goals, not just numbers.

Pension and Investments

Without a doubt – our pride and specialty. We encourage our clients to start thinking about their pensions early, always invested in the best funds and charges for their situation to guard against your pension fund being drained away by your provider.

Bolton Based Advice

We aim to provide the best independent financial advice in the North West from our base near Bolton town centre. We’re proud of our northern heritage, but thanks to our modern approach our advice radiates out to our clients all over the UK.